7up Food Fest gets spicier with Atif Aslam performance

The food lovers of Lahore are certainly in luck these days. Not just because they are being offered great tasting food, but also because they are being entertained with a lot of other more tastier things, e.g music. Soft drinks brands are now frequently coming up with these livelier events. The recent 7up Food Fest is culturally rich in many ways and music is one of them.

Lahore hardly witnessed any concerts of some magnitude for the last few decades. But thankfully brands like 7up and coke are doing their bit to give people the flavor of music they have been waiting for.

The 7up Food Fest gave the audience the biggest star of the recent times, the winner of multiple Lux Style Awards, Atif Aslam. He is so big a star that when his name his announced to a crowd of thousands, the roar of the crowd shakes the sky. Atif Aslam along with other famous singers and legends like Sajjad Ali and Abrar-ul-Haq performed at the event. The unique and iconic voice and style of Atif Aslam drove the crowd crazy with excitement. His live performances have always been that way whether he is performing in Pakistan or overseas.     

A couple of hours before the event he left a message for his followers on Instagram. The post read “Performing in Lahore tonight at the 7up food fest. Take care of your dear ones and the families during the performance. See you at 9’30 / 10.”  The message can be seen in connection with an unfortunate harassment of a woman at one of his concerts in Karachi. The incident had happened because of the mismanagement of the event that night.

Atif Aslam performed at 7Up food festival.

Atif Aslam shot to fame with Adat, a song that jolted the music industry of Pakistan. In 2004 he released his first album Jal Pari that became an instant hit. Songs like Bheegi Yaadein, Ehsaas, Mahi Ve, Ankhon Sey and the title song Jal Pari are still fresh to the memory of his fans. The inclusion of Who Lamhey in Mahesh Bhatt’s Zeher (2005) opened a new chapter in his career and the fan base grew bigger and bigger. Pakistan is lucky to have an artist who is recognized all over the world.