A “Couple” of ads from Orient Electronics

Orient Electronics launched last month a marketing campaign for its Refrigerators and DC Inverter Air Conditioners. Orient aimed primarily to highlight the functional aspect of the two products through thematic TVCs. The campaign is developed by Interflow Communications. Both TV commercials are based on a unified theme featuring celebrity couple Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza. The chemistry between the two is very natural and realistic.

The day-to-day arguments between husband and wife, however little or trivial, are always interesting and dramatic.  These squabbles serve as the only insight on which the campaign is woven around. Wife trying to outsmart her husband is the story of every household. Young married couples can easily relate to this communication.

The look and feel of the campaign is high end which, it seems, is targeted towards SEC A and above. Since Orient is an affordable brand, it needs to revisit its target SEC to include B and C to reach out to a wider audience.

For the last few years Orient had been focusing more on its product features than on the theme of the ads. The creative cut to the product story that is a little longer than it should be and somehow it overshadows the main idea. The current TVCs do not have that issue. The product features are bonded really well with the theme of the ads.  

Orient electronics refrigerator.

Orient has come a long way since ‘Pehli Chahat’. The brand has evolved dramatically in the last decade by improving the quality of its products while keeping the price tag within the reach of the common man.

This time Orient is a little late in launching its DC Inverter campaign. For the last couple of years Orient has taking the early bird advantage by launching the campaign in early February.  This was also how Orient had shifted the market form fixed-speed air conditioners to DC inverters. Today the competition is tougher than before but the market is brimming with potential. An aggressive 360 marketing strategy is needed to get the lion’s share.

Overall, the current communication has a fresh and new look. And the sign off brand tagline has also evolved from ‘Live in Innovation’ to ‘living innovation’ which is a welcome change.