Abdul Rehman Talat receives Shan-e-Pakistan Award for OGC

Like all wars, the war against COVID-19 is studded with heroes and martyrs. As the crisis was brewing, the Orient Group of Companies came to the front to play its role. In recognition of its efforts, OGC has been awarded Shan-e-Pakistan Award. Abdul Rehman Talat received the award on behalf of the company.

The first Coronavirus patient was reported on 26th February 2020. Since that day, the country has gone through a lot. There have been lockdowns, some ‘smart’ some not so smart, yet the resilience of the nation was strong enough not to be intimidated by the virus.  

The Award Ceremony was held in Governor’s House Lahore. A large number of people from different walks of life, dignitaries, and guests were present on the occasion. President of Pakistan Arif Alvi was the guest of honor. Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar, and Governor Punjab Mohammad Sarwar were also among the notable guests.

Mian Talat Mehmood MD, Mian Ahmed Fazal Executive Director, and Mian Abdul Rehman Talat Director Sales & Marketing, OGC/Founder & CEO BlueEast.

Abdul Rehman Talat was called upon the stage to receive the Shan-e-Pakistan Award from the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi. Orient has always been extremely vigilant in carrying out relief and rehabilitation activities whenever the country needed it. Orient’s Ration Pack Distribution Scheme is one of the major highlights. The scheme has served earthquake victims, flood affectees, as well as destitute people during the month of Ramadan.

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, which dealt a severe blow to global health and economy, the Orient Group of Companies not only provided Ration Packs to the deserving people but also contributed generously to Corona relief funds. This could not have been possible with the leadership of Mian Talat Mehmood Fazal, Managing Director, Mian Ahmed Fazal Executive Director, and Mian Abdul Rehman Talat, Director Sales & Marketing, OGC/Founder & CEO BlueEast.

Orient is one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics brands in Pakistan. It has evolved along with the changing technologies and trends. Within a short period, Orient has become a competitive brand in the local marketplace. Innovation, injected into the company by Abdul Rehman Talat, is the core philosophy on which the company is now built. It is the driving force behind all Orient products.

With the recognition of its CSR activities, the brand image of the Orient Group of Companies will certainly be uplifted. For a company that looks forward to expanding and invent in the field of consumer electronics, Shane-e-Pakistan will be a real morale booster.

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