Abhinandan Come On, we are all waiting for you!

Pakistan and India, the two countries with too many cultural and social similarities to ignore, have never been able to find a common ground to settle their political disputes. Mistrust fueled by hatred makes things worse whenever the two countries try to come closer to each other. Abhinandan incident was a practical demonstration of India’s hatred and ill will towards Pakistan.

Coming out of the political and regional strategic debates one also needs to look at the lighter side of things as well. Abhinandan, since his arrest and swift release, has been a subject of social media humor. There were numerous posts and videos that talked about the Abhinandan factor. During the ICC Cricket World Cup a lot of vloggers used the Indian pilot for their hilarious videos for India Pakistan match.

Abhinandan Come On is coming to theaters in 2020.

It seems we are not done with Abhinandan yet. Famous writer, director, lyricist and actor Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is going to explore the Abhinandan phenomenon in a comedy movie called “Abhinandan Come On”. The plot of the movie is kept under wraps but there are speculations that Shamoon Abbasi will play the ill-fated Indian pilot. Shamoon has a knack for playing comic characters. Given his experience and maturity as an actor, it is going to be really interesting how he plays this character.

Bollywood is also working on a movie to depict the life and “achievements” of the IAF pilot. The movie is titled Balakot. There could not have been a better way to counter the film with the genre of comedy.

Films in Pakistan in the past few years have improved a great deal. Production value of our films are getting better with every movie. Now the industry is in position to start competing with its Indian counterpart.

The film is scheduled to be released on 27th February 2020 which coincides with the actual date of Abhinandan’s capture.