AJM & Company: Nurturing the heart and soul of music!


How would you describe music? It is easier to spot the principles of physics and mathematics at work yet it is hard to fathom the pure artistic beauty rendered in sound and voice. Despite being purely scientific, music is subjective like any other art form. For those who know music believe that it can be taught, practiced and mastered to a certain extent and Azhar Jamil Malik is one such person who has recently founded AJM & Company for the love of music.

AJM & Company aims at finding raw talent with the vision to chisel out true artists for the mainstream music industry. The institute has started its operations in Lahore. It invites everyone with the passion for music irrespective of their age, gender and socio-economic status. The only merit for AJM & Company is talent.

Talent has never been a commodity of any country, geographical location or creed. In every age and time humans always felt the urge to express themselves. From the era of the caveman to the modern 21st century, man’s imagination has helped him achieve the greatest feats of creativity. The power of imagination was potent enough to give birth to not only Art but also ideologies that later matured into dogmas. However, talent only needs a passage or a platform to show itself. AJM & Company is bridging the gap between talent and the success it deserves.

CEO and Founder, Azhar Jamil Malik, conceived the idea of AJM & Company and teamed up with Khawar Jawad and Saeed Seeki to materialize his dream to revive music in Pakistan. Khawar Jawad needs no introduction. Renowned for composing music for “Khuda Kay Liye,” the ‘Bandeya Ho’ singer enjoys a wide fan base across the country. Saeed Seeki is a multi-talented individual with expertise in standup comedy and compering.

Team members of AJM & Company

AJM & Company has recently conducted a successful launch event in Lahore that showcased singers and musicians who performed for the first time on stage. This is just the beginning; the company is determined to unearth singers and musicians from every corner of Pakistan. Competitions like Pepsi Battle of the Bands and shows like Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement are doing their bit to promote music in Pakistan. AJM & Company has taken up the most crucial part to shape and polish fresh talent and enable them to be masters of their craft.

The ethos of AJM & Company is to stick like a family and work as a team without any differentiation or discrimination. With focused goals and passionate dreams it remains to be seen how AJM & Company brings a music revolution in Pakistan.