Amreli Steels ‘Ap Ki Tarha Solid’ will soften your heart


Can there be a disparity between what is right and what is good? The new Amreli Steels Campaign “Ap Ki Tarha Solid” asks a fundamental question “kya aap ‘achay’ aur ‘sahi’ mein fark jaantay hain?” The campaign has taken up the issue as if taking the bull by the horns. Good (acha) and right (sahi) are both positive ideas but there is a very subtle difference between the two that most of us find hard to spot. The difference lies in scalability and quantifiability.

What is good can be subjective. What is good for you could probably be bad for others. Ask the value of sugar rich diet from the doctor for a diabetic patient and the doctor will reject it forcefully and label such a diet as poisonous for sugar patient. On the contrary sugar rich diet is perfect for young and adults. The point is that good is variable and subjective. But there is no ambiguity in what is right and correct. Being right or correct is logical and logic starts with mathematical precision.

The major competitor of Amreli Steels is Mughal Steel. Mughal has done some good campaigns in the past but this time Amreli Steels has done a remarkable job in getting the point across. It took the brand almost 2 minutes to throw the all-important punchline “acha nahe chahiye, Sahi wala chahiye” at the end of the film. It is not just about the brand, Amreli Steels highlights the social and moral pitfalls that plague our society. You can be a good person but you will not be given any room to stay righteous unless you are ready to pay the price.  

Amreli Steels Ap Ki Tarha Solid campaign is going viral on social media.

Shabbir Jan plays the role of the father, the protagonist of the ad. The whole story revolves around him, how he deals with the corrupt system and does everything right for the future of his children. Despite the odds the father comes out of every crisis and succeeds in securing the future of his kids. The kids eventually take up the age old dream of the father, the house of his own. That’s where the brand comes in. Amreli Steels comes in very organically in the ad and it does not comes alone. It comes with “sahi wali” punchline.

The acting is good, direction is spot on while narration by Hajra Yamin does the rest in making this ad a masterpiece. Mostly brands does not allow creative agencies to spend 80% of the time developing the story. Amreli Steels has shown the nerve to create such a campaign. The effort has already started to pay off as the film has gone viral on social media. Views on YouTube has already crossed 100K mark in just a few days. When you know the value of standing up for the right everything good follows at the end of the day.