Bagh-e-Gul Vol 3: Time to go floral with Gul Ahmed


Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but there is a thing that is objectively beautiful and universally adorable. Flowers. Gul Ahmed’s Bagh-e-Gul collection is a celebration of flowers and floral patterns.

Volume 3 of Bagh-e-Gul has hit Gul Ahmed stores nationwide on 26th August 2019. These extensive collection of eccentric unstitched floral designs are all set to lure the customers into making impulsive decisions.

It is not easy for any brand to please a woman’s sense of design and beauty. Each and every woman has her own style and aesthetic sensibility. On top of everything all they want is to look better than the others.

Cambir Bagh-e-Gul digital embroidered

What makes Bagh-e-Gul exclusive and stand out from the rest of the unstitched cambric collections available in the market is that it comes with digital embroidery. Although there is no match for handmade embroidery, yet floral designs in digital embroidery look exquisite and impressive nevertheless.

Gul Ahmed's Bagh-e-Gul Vol 3 is finally out.

For every female clothing brand the challenge is to come up with fresh designs all the time. They also have to carry their distinct brand identity. In unstitched category Gul Ahmed has an edge over the competition. The brand has been and still is synonymous with unstitched suites.

Bagh-e-Gul Vol 3 is now available at Gul Ahmed.

The interplay of colors, the quality of the fabric and the uniqueness of the designs make Gul Ahmed the preferred choice of a large number of customers.

Gul Ahmed is one of those brands who rarely enjoy selling both stitched and unstitched items. Most brands like Khaadi, Bareeze, Rang Ja etc. rely mainly on their stitched items. Having said that there is tough competition in women’s clothing as newer brands are jumping in to challenge already established brands.

With Summer Lawn Collection already on sale, all the girls and ladies out there have all the more reason to visit Gul Ahmed and explore the sale options. The sale on unstitched lawn will increase the footfall while the dazzling Bagh-e-Gul Vol 3 will get hold of the customers’ attention from the word go.

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