Baji Bombastic creates humor with amusing social commentary


Little things often make a big difference in life. Small and spontaneous commentaries by Baji Bombastic with a strong flavor of humor are making an enormous impact on social media.

“Baji” is a character that says a lot of things without actually talking about them. There are underlining messages and subliminal ideas that invite a thinking mind to reflect and ponder.

Baji Bombastic creates a stir on social media.

A true artist always follows her/his inner voice. It’s all about shedding your outer facade and giving in to the artist within. Sheherzade Noor Peerzada has done exactly that. She has brought the Baji to the foreground.

The usage of social media in Pakistan has increased manifolds with the spread of 3G and 4G internet. Every smart phone has internet connectivity that has allowed a large number of people to sign up to different social media sites. Instagram is the new fad. Young generation is more comfortable on Insta than on Facebook or twitter. In such a scenario Baji Bombastic can never be ignored. She is most active on her Instagram account.

Her selfie videos start with a Baji way of saying “hello everyone”. The innocence with which she says what she says makes her hilarious. Her honest and unpretentious act is the key to her instant success. Being yourself and staying true to your own style is the essence of originality.

Mispronouncing and twisting the English words is not a new thing. There are a lot of comedians who have done that, but the one with most success is not a comedian. Yes, it’s Meera. Sheherzade ran the risk of being termed as a copycat. Despite being similar, Meera and Baji are miles apart. Meera always looked pretentious while Baji Bombastic is natural and extemporaneously frank.

Baji’s cute and innocent English is not without a purpose. Unlike Meera, or comedians who do this just to entertain, she is intent on breaking the language barrier. English is just a language, judging the intellect of the people from the language they speak is unfortunate.     

Baji was an act Sheherzade developed in her childhood. She used to perform in front of her friends and family. But as she grew up the character also came of age. Today Baji is everywhere. The mainstream media is also responding to the buzz created by her on Instagram and other social channels.   Sheherzade has a dream to become an actress. With her recent success and talent she is all set to make it big in the world of stars.