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Balochi Karahi, a recipe for those who crave the taste

The Eid is over, but the festivity is here to stay for a couple of weeks. Cuisines made of beef, mutton, and camel meat become the menu of every household. People look to try different kinds of recipes like Balochi Karahi, Dhaba Karahi, Charsi Karahi along traditional Nihari and Paye.

Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha are the most momentous festivals of Islamic culture. Eidul Fitr, also referred to as ‘Mithi (sweet) Eid’, while Eidul Azha is called ‘Bari (big) Eid’ and rightly so. The festivities starting from the commencement of the month of Zilhaj continue days after the day of sacrifice on 10th of Zilhaj.

Balochi Karahi complete recipe.

To make your Eid tastier and more memorable here is a special recipe; Balochi Karahi. It is simple and easier to cook with very few ingredients. But once you cook it, it will be hard for you to keep your hands off until its is finished.


Meat                                                     1 kg

Ginger Garlic Paste                          2 teaspoons

Butter                                                   100 gm

Yogurt                                                   1 ½ cup

Mint                                                      ½ bunch (for garnish)

Crushed Black Pepper                    2 teaspoons

Onion Sliced                                       2

Oil                                                          2 tablespoons

Green Chili                                          3 (for garnish)

Salt                                                         to taste

Ginger Cut                                           1 tablespoon (for garnish)

Balochi Karahi Method:

Boil meat with 2 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste. Heat oil and butter in a pan, then add sliced onion and fry till the onion is brown. Now add boiled mutton, black pepper, salt, and mix. Beat yogurt and add. Now mix properly with a spoon and cover with lid to let it cook. Now sauté well. When ready dish out the delicious Balochi Karahi and serve sizzling hot. Don’t forget to garnish with green chilies, mint, and ginger.

Balochi Karahi is one of the most delicious traditional cuisines of Balochistan. It’s famous for its salty taste all across Pakistan and wherever the food-loving people reside.