Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies: Scratch Karo Win Karo

Designing a consumer promotion is one of the most daunting tasks if you are approaching it from a creative angle. Clutter-breaking is the term clients use too often to force the advertising agencies fishing for ideas that are not there or may not work in a specific target market. Scratch & Win is always the first idea that comes to everybody’s mind, both client and agency. No client is willing to go with the Scratch Card campaign, to begin with. In the end, scratching prevails. Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies ‘Scratch Karo, Win Karo’ campaign is a consumer promotion that has found the bulls’ eye.

Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies has not applied any rocket science into making the consumer promotion. The idea is simple, and the mechanics are engaging to say the least. It’s the creative execution that makes the campaign a real head-turner. There is no ad in recent memory that uses the art of filmmaking to full effect. Brands for children usually rely on the fun side of life depicting through song and dance. What they often miss are the elements of curiosity, suspense, adventure, thrill, mystery, and action.

Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies TVC featuring Ali Rehman Khan.

Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies has ventured into the unchartered territory (speaking strictly in terms of brand positioning) of a child’s imagination. ‘Scratch Karo Win Karo’ campaign is a masterful execution that is likely to engage more kids than ever before. The Bisconni film, featuring Ali Rehman Khan, starts with mystery and suspense. It incites curiosity that opens the door for adventure, action, exploration, thrill, and more. This, more than 90 seconds long, the short film communicates the whole mechanics of the campaign in the most exciting way possible.

In today’s world of marketing, as they say, content is king. To survive in the jungle of brands, you need to be the king. Ideas and their execution can put you ahead of your game. A strong execution sometimes makes up for the weak idea. Similarly, a brilliant idea can compensate for an average execution. If you get these two things right, you become the king of the jungle. Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies Scratch Karo Win Karo, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t brag about a strong campaign idea yet it what does what it set out to do; attract the children. At the end of the day, no matter how big the idea or its execution, it all boils down to the productivity of the campaign in terms of sales results. Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies has all the ingredients and power to yield results as well as lift the brand image.

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