Bisconni Music, a new wave to revive drowning music industry

An effective advertising/marketing strategy always amalgamates business and entertainment. What can better illustrate entertainment than music. Giant spenders on media and advertising, namely Pepsi, Nestle, and Coke have experimented with music to get maximum leverage. Pepsi Battle of the Bands could not capture a large audience because of being inconsistent. Nescafe Basement produces some quality stuff while Coke with its full-throttle annual music extravaganza takes the cake. Now, surprisingly, Bisconni Music is stepping in with a New Wave.

Bisconni Music is going to be different from Coke Studio, and Nescafe Basement in one respect. It will promote original sound and original music. The problem with Coke Studio has been that though it produced new sound yet it could not always produce new original music. Not to mention the heavy media spending, the strength of coke studio lies in juggling with star singers and musicians since day 1. With more than a dozen seasons under its belt, the studio has lost the oomph.

Bisconni Music New Wave season 1 to some out in 2021.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands did attempt to promote original music in the country. The good concept has always been underpowered and underdeveloped. It started years before Coke Studio but could not stick. Nescafe Basement, on the other hand, is slow and steady but it may not win the race as the brand relies totally on the digital media and spends very little on mainstream channels.

So, this is the music scene of Pakistan in a nutshell apart from film & Drama music. Films are few and far between that leaves us with Drama series OSTs. In such a situation Bisconni Music is in with a chance to make waves. There is only one problem that is with Bisconni brand image. It is based and built around mostly kids. Brand perception does not allow us to think anything other than the world of children. So, the real test for Bisconni Music would be to dispel that image as a brand while producing music for all ages and gender types.

Promo of Bisconni Music New Wave Season 1 is out. The show will feature 12 songs with 18 singers. As much as 33 musicians will work their magic to bring to us the all exciting first season in 2021.