Boom Boom BubbleGum still firing with Afridi star power

In the early phase of his career when the great boom boom used to come to the crease, many thought that his stay on the pitch would be short lived. His critics even opined that players like him don’t stand a chance against the big guns of the cricketing world. As Afridi’s career progressed, he grew out of his role as a mercurial slogger to become an all-round cricketer who could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Volka Food is one of those companies that did very well to capture the fame and excitement of a celebrity that is Boom Boom. Volka Food’s Boom Boom BubbleGum is now synonymous with fun, excitement and above all the ‘boom boom’ factor.

Volka Food launched Boom Boom BubbleGum in 2011. Eleven years is a very short time for a brand to become a household name, but not for those who know how important adverting could be in developing a brand. The strategy to name the product after Boom Boom Afridi proved to be the catalyst. It made the brand an overnight sensation among the consumers and lovers of bubble gums.

Boom Boom BubbleGum creates new campaign.

The second best thing that the brand did was that it created a very effective and efficient media strategy. The campaign utilized all major cricketing events to gain the maximum eyeballs. Media buying strategy and planning can do wonders for the brand. Selecting the right media mix is the key. Boom Boom has been spot on so far.

The recent ‘Sab Bolen Boom Boom’ is a step forward from the previous ‘Boom Boom Macha De Dhoom’ in some respects. The scale is bigger and the fun is more adventurous. However, the star power of Afridi remains the same. He is seen once again to instigate the kids and grownups alike to follow his cue. He brings about the exciting and festive aura of Boom Boom.   

Boom Boom BubbleGum campaign coincides with the launch of PSL 8. Majority of brands wish to advertise in the coveted event, but few could bear the expense. Events like PSL are the most expensive when it comes to per minute airtime rates. Advertising during PSL is certainly an aggressive approach. Shahid Afridi likes to play on the front foot and so does Boom Boom BubbleGum. Their front foot marketing strategy is reflected on mainstream media. On the digital front, Boom Boom needs to up the ante. Their digital footprint is proportionally low as compared to the mainstream media.