Breeo campaign looks at the brighter side of things

Breeo campaign keeps things simple and light hearted. The Idea is to look at the bright side of things. Life is too short to be wasted on negative emotions like anger, hatred, sadness or fear. Sometimes one cannot get rid of such emotions but a conscious effort can be made to overcome those or, if you have Breeo, there is nothing to be worried about.

Directed by Ammar Rasool and produced by Rocketman Films, the campaign is designed by Red Communication Arts (Pvt) Ltd. The TVC makes full use of the slices of life to capture the essence of the idea ‘life ke har O ke liye’ in different situations.

Life ke har O ke liye Breeo.

Breeo detergent is produced by the second largest soda ash production plant in Pakistan, a facility owned by Olympia Group of Companies. The group enjoys the legacy of more than 60 years in dealing in businesses like chemicals and textiles.

Breeo detergent powder claims to have 7 multi enzyme deep cleaning power. A superior technology that can clean all kinds of fabrics without affecting their colors. The product is recommended for all types of washing needs and can be used in top and frontload washing machines alike.

With the exception of Ariel, washing powder brands are awake to the changing market dynamics. Getting a sizable market share is never possible without an all-round marketing strategy. The recent Breeo campaign is battling hard to create space in the hearts of its consumers as well as the competitive marketplace.

In the last few years Surf Excel creative campaigns have outrun the competition. Though Ariel has still good brand recall yet it could not fuel the creative side of things. The latest Brite campaign was a pleasant surprise. ‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’ is a fresh and creative approach that could be easily referred to as ‘clutter breaking’.

Advertising plays the most important part in making a brand. RED communications is one of the top Agencies in the country. The agency has done a fine job in creating a campaignable idea for Breeo. If the brand kept on focusing and investing on creative marketing, it would certainly forge a lasting bond with its target market.