Brooke Bond Supreme creates Dooriyon Mein Apnapan

BY ALI NAQVI – The power of a creative idea in advertising rests on its capacity to take different meanings and to adapt to a variety of situations. There cannot be a better example than ‘Yehi Tou Hai Apna Pan’ by Brooke Bond Supreme. The idea has done wonders for the brand and astonishingly after so many years, the idea refuses to give in to monotony.

We have seen several campaigns influenced by the scenario created by COVID-19 where brands can be seen squeezing all their creative juices to fit their brand ideas into specific Corona campaigns. Some of them have done well like Jazz Super 4G and Peek Freans Sooper, but Brooke Bond Supreme takes the crown.

Apart from the creative side and the execution of the idea ‘Apna Pan’, Brooke Bond Supreme has differentiated one thing that could help us emotionally and psychologically in dealing with the virus. The differentiation between social and physical distancing. Social distancing is not the right approach. It could be misunderstood as it does not convey the message. The all-important thing is to be physically apart.

Brooke Bond Supreme makes an emotionally charged campaign for COVID-19.

Maintaining a physical distance is not only important socially but also extremely pertinent when it comes to our families and homes. The lockdowns are over in the country, and the concept of smart lockdown turned out to be a sham. In such a situation it is important to distance ourselves from our family and friends physically.

Zaiqa Apnaypan Ka is one of the most beautiful campaigns that has come out recently. Brooke Bond Supreme has stayed true to the legacy of Unilever. When it comes to a cup of tea Brooke Bond Supreme always comes as a first choice. Named after Arthur Brooke, this global tea brand started in 1869 with a small tea shop in Manchester. Since then the brand has become a household name in all continents of the world.

Coronavirus in Pakistan is dying down, not because the virus has subsided but for the reason that the government and the people at large are not responding seriously to the threat. Though the number of cases and the death toll are on the rise yet the government has allowed almost everything to go back to normal. Brooke Bond Supreme ad in such a state of affairs has lost some of its punch. Most people still believe that Corona is not as big a threat as the world propagates it to be. But the facts tell a different story. The story we are not willing to listen to.