Chai Wala Biskut celebrates COVID with a public service song

You might have heard a lot of people mispronouncing the word ‘biscuit’, and sometimes you can hardly resist the uncomfortable urge to correct them. When Chai Wala Biskut was launched it was shocking. But that’s beside the point right now. What I find worth talking about is how Bisconni Pakistan has found a reason to celebrate COVID with Chai Wala Biscuit correction, Biskut.

Coronavirus has been a mystery in the context of Pakistan. We did not shut ourselves in when the pandemic had only one foot in the door. The government was too slow to react. Interestingly when the virus reached its peak in June last year, the government allowed markets to reopen giving the disease an opportunity to dictate terms.

As of now, Corona does not appear to be a threat anymore. Practically, SoPs are just for the sake of SoPs. There are several theories as to why the contagion did not spread as it did in other parts of the world despite our all-out careless and casual approach to the problem.

A public service song by Chai Wala Biskut.

Some people think that it has something to do with divine intervention while some are of the view that it has been manipulated by the government for political purposes. Others can find an international conspiracy that Pakistan has somehow been able to successfully tackle. One simple scientific answer to this is, that the people of Pakistan have stronger immune systems. With a large population consisting of youth, the virus was less effective.

Chai Wala Biskut has shown us another way of fighting the deadly infection. The dosage of happiness, festivity, song, and dance is enough to defeat the biggest of ailments. The public service message is wrapped in the upbeat Punjabi bhangra-style music and the pretext of celebration is the wedding season.

Chai Wala Biskut’s public service message is quite opposite to another public service message recently going the rounds on social media, Domex Mehfooz school, Befikar Bachpan. Both communications are focused on tackling the COVID issue in their unique ways and brand personalities.

As far as the look and feel of Shadi Mubarak, Stay Safe campaign is concerned, they are the same as the previous productions of Chai Wala Biskut. The atmosphere, the mood, the lighting, and the festivity remind us of ‘Duba Magar Pyar Se’ ad that came out almost a year ago. Chai Wala Biskut is a brand for the masses and it has its particular way of communicating with them. We may or may not like its creative strategy but from the marketing point of view, it’s when you sell that counts.