‘Chal Raha Hoon’ sets Coke Studio Season 12 on fire


Some sage rightly said that it’s the journey that matters more than the destination. While the road to happiness goes through pain, sorrow and misery, does that mean that we should revere our sorrows as much as we value our happiness? In order to experience the feeling of joy one has to pay the price in grief and distress. So, our sorrows are not as meaningless as we think they are. Coke Studio Season 12 has produced a gem of a song called Chal Raha Hoon that takes a deep dive into the ocean of gloom only to rise in love.

Coke Studio Season 12 has not lived up to the expectations. The songs released so far has failed to stir the music lovers. Coke as a brand also seems reluctant to spend much on Season 12 as we don’t see the songs playing on any of the mainstream channels. Social media is also slow to react to the tracks released so far. Most of the times high expectations become a curse and result in disappointments.

Rohail Hayat, leading one of the best ensemble of musicians, is struggling to produce something breathtaking. Rahat Fateh Ali’s Dam Mastam, Abrarul Haq’s Billo and Atif Aslam’s couple of songs could not hit the right notes. Though music is relative and subjective and it is principally unfair to pass judgements yet Umair Jaswal’s Chal Raha Hoon is beyond subjectivity. The song has cosmic appeal and surpasses all notions of relativity.

Pangs of angst and aguish are part of human condition. When the living soul is tormented by fate or wrinkled by the crushing passage of time, man befriends sorrow and finds solace in pain and agony. Chal Raha Hoon touches us on a personal level with meaningful lyrics and soul stirring melody. The song has breathed a new life into Coke Studio Season 12.

Coke Studio Season 12. Chal Raha Hoon by Umair Jaswal

There is that thing about humans, they have the resilience to adapt to their condition no matter how unbearable it becomes. The ability to glorify sufferings and to take pride in misfortunes prepares the soil in which germinates the purest form of poetry, art, literature and music. Chal Raha Hoon will stay in the hearts of those who could never imagine an existence without suffering and a soul without grief.