Choolay Aasman ignites the spirit of nationalism

Junoon’s newly launched World Cup 2019 anthem Choolay Aasman is a much needed motivation for the people of Pakistan. The video aims to instill the spirit of nationalism in the people on the basis of social, cultural and ideological parity. It comes at a time when things are looking down for Pakistan not just for cricket but also for the country as a whole. The nation needed an impetus to shake things up a bit.  

Writers, thinkers, philosophers, artists and musicians form the superstructure of a society. They play a vital role in shaping the psyche, thought patterns and ambitions of individuals; the stronger the superstructure the healthier the social system. Unfortunately Pakistan is divided into numerous creeds, ethnic prejudices, ideological conflicts, gender bias and social classes. The nation has never truly experienced the spirit of nationalism except on some rare occasions like the Cricket World Cup.

Choolay Aasman is Junoon's come back song that serves as an anthem for the World Cup 2019.

Choolay Aasman is by far one of the best Junoon songs in many ways. It has the right flavor of rock and roll that fans were missing for more than a decade. The anthem very carefully brings in the theme of Cricket World Cup in the video. Cricket becomes the unifying factor that unites the nation. The anthem supports and motivates the team without being over-emotional or extra-patriotic.

It will go a long way in nurturing the plant of nationalism and bridging the gap between social stereotypes. Junoon has been successful in producing some of the best national songs in the history of Pakistani music. The soul stirring Jazba Junoon was highly inspiring and motivational. It brought the entire nation together and gave the people a sense of being alive.

The philosophy behind Choolay Aasman is the key that could put the nation on the track of progress and prosperity. It touches upon all fundamental issues that Pakistan could have addressed long ago. The principal of socio cultural harmony and equality can certainly lay the foundations of a better Pakistan. Choolay Aasman is sponsored by Peek Freans Sooper with a message ‘Sooper ha pora Pakistan’.

You cannot expect anything below standards in terms of music, melody and vocals when Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat and Brian team up. They form a perfect trio that has given the world a taste of eastern rock music. Choolay Aasman is an invitation by Junoon to aim higher and strive for excellence. It’s just a matter of taking the first step with the determination to achieve a goal and the success will follow.