Coca-Cola Pakistan Ramadan campaign VS Jam-e-Shirin

There is no alternative to the longing for cold water or a chilled beverage at the time of Iftar. Ramadan in the summer season makes the thirst even more intense. The holy month of Ramadan has always been a great opportunity for beverage brands. Coca-Cola Pakistan, Pepsi Co., Jam-e-Shirin, and Rooh Afza among others are the heaviest spenders when it comes to advertising during the days of fasting.

Since the outbreak of Covid Coca-Cola Pakistan and Pepsi have lost the force with which they used to communicate with their consumers. The creative energies of both brands seem to have dried up while their media spending has been erratic. On the other hand, Jam-e-Shirin and Rooh Afza keep things on an even keel.

Coca-Cola Pakistan has created a very strong campaign for Ramadan 2021 as far as the big idea goes. The element of charity for the cause of hunger and malnutrition in the country is certainly praiseworthy. There is but one problem that mars the overall impact of the campaign. The TVC, having a foreign shoot, with foreign faces and locations does not bode well with our local Ramadan ambiance and atmosphere. The audience gets the message but at the subconscious level, they might not be able to relate to it.

Coca-Cola Pakistan says Aao Mil Kar Bhook Mitayain.

The idea of donating a meal on every purchase of coke is much bigger than the campaign itself. Along with Coca-Cola Pakistan, the credit surely goes to Rizq Trust for putting up their valiant efforts to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in Pakistan. Rizq is actually the spine of the entire campaign. The beauty of this campaign idea is that all a customer needs to do is buy a bottle of coke, the rest will be done by the brand itself. There are no tricky mechanisms or procedures involved.

Jam-e-Shirin Ramadan TVC is simple and follows a pattern of ‘Neki’. The idea of Neki, virtue, is commonly used by FMCG brands during Ramadan. This is the safest approach, and rightly so, for a brand that needs to show maximum product and consumption shots. Jam-e-Shirin has been successful in getting its product registered through a crisp storyline.  

Keeping in mind the consumer behavior and the tradition of Ramadan, Jam-e-Shirin and Rooh Afza are more attractive and relevant than Coke or Pepsi. This is also one of the reasons why Coca-Cola Pakistan has developed most of its Ramadan campaigns around charity. Jam-e-Shirin has much to fear from Rooh Afza than any other cold beverage brand. This year things are less competitive for Jam-e-Shirin and Coca-Cola as both Pepsi and Rooh Afza have not any forceful campaign for Ramadan 2021.

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