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Coca-Cola Ramadan TVC, another adoption by the brand

When we say Coca-Cola Ramadan TVC what we usually mean is, a campaign designed and executed by Coca-Cola Pakistan. In fact, not all coke campaigns are produced locally. Majority of the great coke campaigns are foreign ones. Some of them are treated to merge with local sensibilities while others run unchanged.

I heard a lot of good things about Coca-Cola Ramadan TVC 2022. I felt happy for the brand that after producing a series of disastrous campaigns it has finally hit the right notes. Only when I saw the ad I realized that the good work was actually done somewhere else. Coca-Cola International has once again come to the rescue. The only question is why cannot Coca-Cola Pakistan develop an idea which is non-controversial and which is creative and heart touching at the same time?

Coca-Cola Ramadan TVC, a campaign worth remembering

Coca-Cola Pakistan works with multinational media and advertising agencies. The people working at those platforms are Pakistanis. They face the same social, cultural, political, and economic problems as the rest of the people. Working at JWT-Grey, Ogilvy, IAL Sachi & Sachi, or BBDO doesn’t make much of a difference as far as producing creative content is concerned. We are at the lowest pit of intellectual bankruptcy. Original thinking or freethinking for that matter is not in demand and never has been.

This is not to pin point one brand or a particular agency rather the overall intellectual makeup of the country. Clients also are not educated. The brand management teams are usually not empowered to take decisions on their own. They rely on the directions of their decision making superiors, decision makers who are more concerned with getting a bigger sales number than a better brand image.

Everything aside, Coca-Cola Ramadan TVC is one of the best campaigns by the brand. All family members are like ingredients in a recipe that must be handled with care and with the right proportions. To have a happy family you have to bind all family members together in harmony just like the ingredients in a recipe. The message is very clear and very beautifully delivered. The voice of Samina Peerzada ads magic to the whole concept. Her emotionally charged voice makes the TVC more meaningful and heart touching. Coca-Cola Ramadan TVC is going to stand out from the rest of the Ramadan campaigns. The common viewer will not bother to notice whether the ad was created locally or otherwise.