Comfort fabric conditioner comes out of its comfort zone

Let me start with the confession that I was completely and utterly oblivious of the fact that fabric conditioners exist in the market let alone the Comfort fabric conditioner. My home ministry must have a fair idea of such products; but the point of discussion, still, is not fabric conditioners rather a communication that has forced many heads to turn and many jaws to drop.

Before I appreciate the effort made by the marketing and creative teams both at brand and agency sides let’s take into account the creative hurdles our advertising industry has been running through for a long time. “We don’t like it”, is one of the deadliest hurdles of them all. It kills every idea in the bud. But the biggest obstacle every agency has to face is the ‘first frame’. 99.9 percent of brands want their product or product name mentioned at the start of the TVC, preferably in the first frame. At the end of the day, having had his will, the client can easily say to the agency “you know better, after all, you are experts, not us”.

Some wise man once said that if you wanted to see the best creative works just look at the rejected one. The same has been happening to our advertising industry. The best creative work is generally knocked out in the first round. But once in a blue moon, we get to see some brilliant creative works. Comfort fabric conditioner and Maza Ka Chuansa campaigns are recent examples.

Comfort fabric conditioner creates unique advertising campaign.

What makes an ad creative? It just takes the courage to come out-of-the-box to seamlessly link the brand proposition with the consumer insight. Most creative ads while unsuccessful in making a connection between brand proposition and consumer insight, fail to make an impact in the market which is ultimately the prime goal of every advertising campaign. Comfort fabric conditioner has made that connection beautifully. The insight that women buy Lawn suits every year has been taken full leverage of by the brand.

Lawn fabric fades easily after a few washes. Women are very particular when it comes to the quality of the fabric, and its print. Comfort fabric conditioner takes care of these worries and promises to keep clothes, soft, vivid, and long-lasting.

The message has been communicated most eccentrically. I have never seen an ad in the format of a film trailer. The very first green disclaimer frame is enough to get your attention, the rest is an amusing journey that takes you to the brand.

One thing that bothered me a little was how the TVC mocked Lawn campaigns that display gorgeous girls in Lawn suits around a tree or a rock. It was unnecessary since Lawn brands have no direct competition with Comfort fabric conditioner. It is the power of creative communication that brands are registered in the hearts and minds of the consumers forever. Comfort fabric conditioner by Comfort Zone Pakistan will benefit from this campaign now and for years to come.