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Cornetto Summer Love: love and friendship with a twist


We often hear people say the world is changing at a rapid pace; we have entered the era of digital technology. The magnitude of such statements can only be gauged by looking right in the face of these changing times. If you have not seen Cornetto Summer Love web series you will not be able to comprehend the shift that has taken place from conventional entertainment/marketing to digital.

Cornetto Summer Love, a web series by Teeli concludes with just 6 episodes.

Not only brands, entertainment industry is also now focusing to explore the digital platforms. Teeli is one of those video content generators that have carved a niche for themselves in a very short time. Teeli has produced this web series in association with Cornetto Cupidity hence its name Cornetto Summer Love.   

Written by Basit Naqvi and directed by Murtaza Alizai, Cornetto Summer Love has recently concluded with just 6 episodes. Watching this minutely small series is certainly a unique experience. It caters to the themes of friendship and love while staying true to the psychological and emotional dilemmas experienced by the boys and girls in their early 20s.

Entertainment options available to our youth are not enough to satiate their passion for art, music, film or sports. There is a glimmer of hope that YouTube, Facebook and other social and digital media platforms would allow the youth to be involved in the positive socio-cultural activities.  

The strength of this tiny series is that it is not pretentious or melodramatic. It keeps things on an even keel right to the end of the series. Hadi bin Arshad and Vardah Aziz as Sami and Nida have played their roles realistically. It is their acting that makes viewing interesting. Though the storyline is predictable yet one keeps on watching and does not lose interest, thanks to witty dialogues.        

The series is well appreciated within the country and from across the border. The comment section on YouTube is filled with Indians lauding the efforts of Teeli team.

There is one area that Teeli has room to improve and that is the duration of episodes. After the first episode which is ten and half minutes long the next three are less than 8 minutes. The fifth is around 6 minutes while the last episode is 9 and half minutes long.

Having a sponsor as big as Cornetto, Teeli has done well not to force the brand too much in the story. The brand comes in naturally. We only get to see some product shorts that gel in organically.

On the whole Cornetto Summer Love is a lovely web series. In the last episode the last minute twist in the story is a teasing hint that we might get a season 2 of the series very soon.