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Coronavirus strikes the world but we have No Time to Die

There is no antiviral treatment yet and the disease has spread its tentacles in around 90 countries. Coronavirus is forcing people to stay away from social and religious congregations. All major worship places of monotheistic faiths have been closed and to coincide with this the release of the latest bond movie ‘No Time to Die’ has also been postponed till November this year.

The coronavirus that started in Wuhan China has become a pandemic and the whole world is in a state of a health emergency. All continents and countries are vigilant to find the cure in the shape of an antivirus vaccine.

The evolution of viruses dates back to the evolution of life. Just as human beings discovered the cure and prevention from various viral diseases the viruses became resilient and found ways to survive. The interesting thing is that viruses leave no traces of their prior existence as there is no fossil record to confirm the nature of their evolution.

Coronavirus outbreak has become a major health concern.

Life is a struggle with itself. To survive you must kill otherwise you will be killed. To a civilized person, living in a modern metropolis, it is hard to fathom this idea because we don’t realize that the food we eat especially the meat we consume every day is a result of a mass slaughter of animals on our behalf. We don’t consider vegetables as part of the living world either and consequently, we don’t feel the guilt of cutting their lives short to satisfy our hunger.

Our struggle for existence has reached a whole new level. In the natural world, animals kill one another for food and territory. In societies, men kill one another for material possessions and social statuses and at times only for the satisfaction of their ego in the name of emotions like love, hatred, jealousy, pride, and prejudice.

The evolution of men’s intellectual faculties were utilized by a handful of individuals throughout history. These few men made discoveries, inventions, and changed the world. The rest of us act as parasites. We are dependent on the intellectual superiority of the thinking few to create medical, technological, and communal comforts. This way humans have multiplied at an alarming rate in the last couple of centuries. We have destroyed the environment because as parasites we don’t care about something which does not offer instant rewards.

Our planet behaves like a living organism. The manhandling of the earth’s environment in the last century has pushed things to the limit. Coronavirus could be the planet’s answer to overpopulation and environmental pollution. The task is clear. We as humans need to think about our planet while searching for an immediate cure for coronavirus. No matter how contagious, humanity will find a way because it has No Time to Die.

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  • Face Masks are important props for preventing respiratory diseases. However, not all masks are effective in preventing diseases. Don’t wear them wrong. Preventing pneumonia due to new coronavirus infections should start with the correct selection and wearing of masks.

    • You are absolutely right!

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