Daaghoun Ka Champion; the champion we desperately seek

There are very few brands whose brand idea seldom change, or evolve. Fewer are those that get it right and never have to change it. Dalda’s ‘Jahan Mamta Wahan Dalda’ is one great example. Surf Excel’s ‘Daagh Tou Achay Hotay Hain’, the strongest and most campaign-able brand idea has bowed out to make room for Daaghoun Ka Champion.

The first campaign that Daaghoun Ka Champion produces, is significant in many ways. The campaign idea Jo Koi nahi Kar Sukta Wohi Tou Champion Karta Ha (where everyone fails, champion succeeds), is thoughtful. It not only endorses the brand’s strength to remove tough stains but it also explains the whole concept of a champion.

Who is a champion? He/she is not somebody who wins. A champion is not merely a successful person. A champion is someone who achieves where all others fail. The attaining of the unimaginable. It’s all about staring into the eyes of the impossibility to make things happen. The same goes for leaders. The bigger the challenge the greater the leader.

Daaghoun Ka Champion, a new brand idea by Surf Excel.

Surf Excel develops a very interesting situation for Daaghoun Ka Champion TVC. Attempting one of the most difficult kicks in football is certainly a challenge for a kid. But that’s not all. The place to execute the kick is muddy and slippery. The kid is also warned by the grandmother of the impossibility of the task. The kid is adamant, hence Jo Koi nahi Kar Sukta Wohi Tou Champion Karta Ha. After a few failed attempts the kick is executed to perfection.

Since the place where the kids were playing was muddy, their clothes are stained all over. The grandmother again plays the devil’s advocate and says ‘lou, sookh gaye daagh. Ab koi nahi nikaal sakta’. Next comes the punchline again Jo Koi nahi Kar Sukta Wohi Tou Champion Karta Ha, this time to endorse the brand. We are told that the new improved Surf Excel is powered with Stain Lifter Technology. The whole idea is seamlessly connected with the brand offering. Daaghoun Ka Champion may or may not be as successful as its predecessor Daagh Tou Achay Hotay Hain, but having a very important message, the ad could be an inspiration who wants to achieve great things in life. If you are capable and keep working in the right direction, nothing can stop you from becoming a champion.