Dayfresh Flavored Milk: not everybody’s cup of tea, is it?

Winning and losing, failure and success, right and wrong, smart and stupid, creative and destructive; we humans have a habit of looking at things in black and white. In ancient Chinese philosophy, these existential dichotomies are called Yin and Yang; the two forces that are inherently opposed to one and another yet they are intricately connected and inseparable. The recent Dayfresh Flavored Milk TVC got me thinking about the dualism in nature and almost every physical reality.

Though the campaign line of Dayfresh Flavored Milk advert is ‘It’s Got That Vibe’ yet the whole idea germinates from the notion of dualism without even being conscious of the other sinister side of the coin. The TVC kicks off with a winning announcement triggering a series of victories and accomplishments that last till the end. Interestingly, seeing the ad one does not relate to the triumphs of the somehow obscure protagonist.

Success is meaningless if it’s without the threat of failure, hence, the difficult the challenge the biggest the achievement. This is why Dayfresh Flavored Milk does not make a lasting impression on the audience despite a good production. ‘It’s Got That Vibe’ could have been more forceful had the winning streak made more sense with a touch of realism and believability.

Dayfresh Flavored Milk for adults.

As far as general habits go, grownups consuming flavored milk is quite unthinkable. The perception of flavored milk in the market is kids centric. Oolala Flavored Milk by Shakarganj is also positioned as a kid’s brand. Despite the odds, Dayfresh Flavored Milk offers a promising product for mature consumers. Dayfresh Flavored Milk comes with Mango, Banana, Coffee, Pista Zafraan, Strawberry, and Chocolate flavors.

The idea behind flavored milk is to make milk exciting. Many people cannot stand the taste of milk, a habit they develop since childhood. Milk is and should be, the most important part of our daily diet. Flavored milk products are there to keep us healthy. It fulfills the body’s need for calcium, vitamins, and protein. Since all of this is for better health, the question is ‘is packaged milk safe and healthy to drink?’

There are a lot of question marks on the quality of packaged milk products. The brands including Dayfresh as well as other national and multinational brands claim their products to be rich and pure. The quality checks on the part of the government health institutions are the biggest hole in the net.  

Dayfresh is a product of Dairyland (Pvt.) Ltd. The company has its own dairy farms in Dhabeji, district Sujawal in Sindh. It also has a large milk processing plant and offers UHT Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Full Cream Milk, along with cheese and yogurt products. Dayfresh Flavored Milk needs to be aggressive as the market is open with little or no competition in the flavored milk segment for adults. The overall brand personality is good. The new UV packaging is also exciting and has the potential to stand out. It remains to be seen how the brand uses its advertising spend in the COVID-hit market to be persistent and top of the mind.