Dew Gamers Arena, Game Now bring PUBG contest with Jazz


Lockdown or no lockdown, going out to work or working from home, it does not matter even if you have no work at all. What matters most is to keep your head, health and energy intact during COVID-19 crisis. The best way to keep yourself mentally fit is to keep doing something. Busy yourself in some kind of activity especially recreational. Dew Gamers Arena has teamed up with Game Now for this purpose.

It is an online gaming competition that invites gaming enthusiasts to play PUBG with a chance to win millions. Dew Gamers Arena is a gaming platform of PepsiCo’s brand Mountain Dew while Game Now is one of the biggest gaming platforms that allows users to play, download free games among other things. The partnership of the two gaming platforms is likely to value and depth to the tournament.

Jazz is there to make things even more interesting. Jazz Super 4G is the data partner of this online challenge. The tournament has started. All Jazz users are in with a chance to get free Jazz Super 4G data by simply registering for the competition. The participation of Pakistan’s leading Telecommunications Company will go a long away in pulling the gamers in from across the country by ensuring seamless gaming experience.

Dew Gamers Arena in collaboration with Game Now brings online PUBG contest.

This is a good initiative by Dew Gamers Arena and its partners to encourage people to stay at home and by engaging them in healthy competition. Even though the Government is easing the lockdown in the country, it is our responsibility to practice social distancing as much as possible to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. Simply visit Game Now website for registration and start playing.

When it comes to brands in Pakistan Jazz and PepsiCo are giants. From their enormous advertising and marketing budgets these two brands could allocate a sizeable chunk for this online competition to spread the word more quickly. A lot of people have no idea what Dew Gamers Arena is or how to access Game Now. Such competitions go unheeded when brands don’t give them priority while devising their marketing and advertising strategies. Relying on the hope that the idea might go viral may not work when you think that it would.