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Domestic violence in the viral video, a sign of a sickening society

BY ALI NAQVI – In my previous blog post, I wrote about a Nigerian novella on the theme of domestic violence. Since I wrote that article, I could not find time to sit down and concentrate my thoughts on any topic. The recent case of domestic violence has chilled me to the bone. It has forced me to write and condemn this act of unspeakable violence.

The video of a man shamelessly beating a woman, reportedly her mother went viral in no time. It pains me to even think that such people do exist in our society. We usually hear about disputes between married couples that lead to domestic violence but a son hitting her mother is unimaginable.

The incident has caused an uproar in all social circles. Celebrities are also condemning the incident with full force. Hamza Ali Abbasi also reacted to the incident in a tweet saying “Ya Allah… I don’t have words… At all…cant post that video.. deleted it… Oh my God…deepest corner of hell awaits this demon who raised his hands on his old mother… DEEPEST MOST ROTTEN CORNER OF HELL”.

Domestic violence is the biggest social issue in Pakistan.

Renowned actors like Ushna Shah, Ali Rehman Khan, and Armeena Khan among others also showed their deepest concerns by taking to Twitter and other social media platforms.

It is hard to accept the fact that a sane human being in his right mind could treat her mother like this. In my view, people who commit such deeds must be psychologically evaluated. It could be a result of an acute mental or psychological disorder. In our society people shy away from psychological evaluation and treatment.

Our brain is far more complex and sensitive than our body. We go to the doctor when we suffer from any bodily disease then why can’t we consult a psychiatrist when things go wrong in our head. There are very few institutions dedicated to mental health.

I don’t know the person who has used violence against his own mother neither anyone of us would like to know, but all of us do want to know whether that person was held accountable for his crime or not. We need to make strict laws against domestic violence to stop such incidents from happening.