Domex makes back to school journey safer for kids

If all work and no play could make Jack a dull boy, there is every reason for Jack to go dumb with all play and no work. I can vividly recall one of those childhood days when my parents used to say, “focus on your studies now, you can play later for the rest of your life”. But that’s never the case. Childhood is the best time to play and have fun, and it is also the most important time to study. There needs to be a balance between work and play. Domex campaign Mehfooz school, Befikar Bachpan is quite moving as it brings together the flavor of both fun and learning.

Domex campaign in collaboration with the Government of Sindh has come out at a time when things are getting back to normal for educational institutions. To make this transition smooth and risk-free Unilever Domex aims to make schools germ-free. The surface cleaner can help sanitize most frequently touched spots in schools like desks, doorknobs, water taps, etc.

Domex Pakistan Mehfooz school, Befikar Bachpan campaign.

The idea to clean schools all across Pakistan is huge but what takes it to epic proportions is how the idea is communicated creatively. The narration is poetic and intensely nostalgic. The more than 2 minutes long film is so powerfully executed that it makes us forgetful of the fact that we are watching a brand communication. It is only the last few seconds in the end that connects that brand to the idea.

FMCG brands in Pakistan usually don’t invest in thematic campaigns. They are concerned more with brand usability and utility than brand image. Domex has taken a very bold step to come up with a creatively unique thematic public service message. Mehfooz school, Befikar Bachpan will go a long way in strengthening Domex’s brand image while also highlighting its practical value.

Coronavirus may not be a potent threat anymore yet we ought not to ignore the risk it still poses to our lives. Most of us are casual about COVID SoPs that could allow the virus to rear its head again. Domex campaign is extremely important in such a situation. As children could be most vulnerable to the virus, their safety and security should be the topmost priority of not only academic institutions but also all of us. Domex has done its bit through this campaign. The government of Sindh also deserves credit for helping the brand work in this direction.