E-Sharp and Auj might face each other in the final battle


The journey of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands continues to be thrilling and entertaining beyond expectations. Episode 5 of season 4 was once again musically exciting. The top 8 bands rocked both the stage and the judges with some spell binding performances. E-Sharp and Auj were the top performers among other good performances by Marjaan, Black Hour, Starzone, Neon, Uraan and Aarish.

The episode, hosted by Ali Safina and Hina Altaf, had to decide which four bands could qualify for the next round. Only the four bands out of eight, and this time there was no danger zone to fall back to. Straight eliminations made the 5th episode even more suspenseful. One mistake by any band could secure its journey back home.  

Auj, E-Sharp, Black Hour and Aarish qualifies for the next round.

Starzone VS Auj was the first battle. Could Starzone outperform the mighty Auj was the question. Starzone chose Vital Sign’s Ajnabi. Though it was a nice performance yet the song was too slow and mellow to leave any impression on the listeners. On the other hand Auj performed Alamgir’s Keh Dena with a lot of energy and oomph.

Next comes the heaviest battle of them all, E-Sharp VS Marjaan. As expected, E-Sharp was mind blowing with their music arrangement, vocals and the overall performance. Their cover Neend Aati Nahi by Junoon was termed by Bilal Maqsood as the best song of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands ever. After this compliment the battle was almost over. Marjaan could do nothing to beat that. The band did really well to evolve as a unit but they were unlucky to face a far greater opponent.

The next two battles between Uraan & Black Hour and Aarish & Neon were too close to call. There were problems of song selection that affected the performances of all four bands. But judges had to do their job. At the conclusion of all four battles the results were still awaited.

Auj was first to go in to the next round, E-Sharp was next followed by Black Hour and Aarish. These were certainly the heart-stopping moments for all the bands. The judges appreciated the effort and performance of all those bands that could not make it. No doubt every band was brilliant and here at this stage winning or losing was not important; what mattered was how they performed and won the hearts of millions of people around the country. One wonders what the next episode holds for us. The competition is getting tougher and tougher for everyone even for the judges.

E-Sharp was adjudged the performer of the day for the second time. The band it seems has become the favorite to win the title. But they have one big opponent standing in their way that could even snatch their dream of winning the Pepsi Battle of the Bands and that band is Auj.