Foodpanda, a good dose for people suffering from cricket fever


There are many things Pakistanis are passionate about. But, cricket is more than a passion for us. It’s something we cannot live without, no matter how bad our team performs. We are glued to our screens till the last ball is bawled. Same goes for food. We just love it. Foodpanda has seen that connection between cricket and food to develop a campaign Dekhtayjao Khatayjao.

Online delivery system

Foodpanda is an online food delivery system, a mobile marketplace that gives customers access to all major restaurants for order placements, payments and delivery. It is a German company founded just seven years ago.

With its headquarters in Berlin the company operates in 40 countries around the world. Coming to Pakistan a few years back, the company has now covered most of Pakistan with its effective marketing strategy.

Foodpanda offers free home delivery during world cup upon downloading the app.

Why not Foodlion or Foodbear

Have you ever wondered why a food delivery company is named after an animal? They could have gone for animals that feast on flesh and relish eating. Foodlion or Foodbear could have been good, but why Foodpanda? There is a reason why. Panda is one of those animals that eat almost all day. Their daily diet includes leaves and stems of different bamboo species. Bamboo leaves contain little nutrition that makes a Panda’s life difficult. It has to eat and eat all day.

Every food company would like its customers to eat without stopping and wanting for more just like a Panda. So the name does make sense and Pandas are unique and extremely rare too. The company has reached from one corner of the globe to another in no time. That’s why digital marketplace is so effective.    

Eat while you watch, watch while you eat

Dekhtayjao Khatayjao is a typical Ali Gul Pir styled rap-jingle. Dekhtayjao has been used as the most relevant catchphrase during the ongoing cricket fever of ICC World Cup. It’s rhymed really well with Khatayjao which is the brand proposition. Dekhtayjao has dual meanings. It literally means watch. It is also an expression denoting that something uncontrollably good or unexpectedly bad is going to happen to which one can only be a spectator.

The campaign, featuring Shoaib Akhtar, offers free home delivery upon downloading Foodpanda app during world cup along with up to 70% off on thousands of deals.   

Foodpanda has played it well using Ali Gul to engage its target market. Ali shot to fame with his first single Waderai Ka Beta. It was a rap song having socio-political satire with a tinge of humor.

His previous TVC for Foodpanda ‘Halka Nai Ana’ also based on rap-jingle was even better. The whole concept of online food delivery system was creatively put into an interesting rap. Ali Gul’s Foodpanda ideas may sound superfluous on the look of it, but they do the job of communicating the brand message to the audience. Clutter breaking would be the right term to describe these campaigns.

After the disappointing defeat of Pakistan against India, Dekhtayjao Khatayjao has lifted our moods a bit. It has all the ingredients to control the high cricket fever with some great tasting food dosage.