Game of Thrones, the end is near!

The time has come for the final battle of the final seson of Game of Thrones. Season 8 is now playing on HBO. The first episode has already been aired. For those of you who have read the George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” still may not have the clue on which note the final season is going to end. The HBO adaptation of Martin’s epic is not a close and faithful rendition of the books.

The makers of GOT have taken a lot of creative and dramatic liberties to make this TV show a masterpiece of fantasy, drama and war with realistic and completely believable characters and storylines.

It’s hard to imagine what the end is going to be like. The death of any central character is out of the question. They are not going to die. They will simply, if they did, switch to the other side (the white walkers). The trailers have given nothing away. Everything is left to our imagination. But the build up to the finale is huge.

In an interview Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) has referred to the final battle sequences as so grand that they will dwarf the war sequence of ‘the battle of the bastards’. If this really is the case, GOT will set an even higher benchmark in production standards for the filmmakers of TV and cinema.

Filmmaking is now more than just art. It has become a science. GOT has dissolved the boundaries between the medium of film and TV in terms of production standards and scale. One might think that GOT was one of its kind in the history of television. But hold your horses, that’s not the case. Amazon Studios has announced Lord of the Rings TV series and the project is up and running. Peter Jackson is also reported to have been taken on board for this project. It is speculated that it will be bigger than GOT in both scale and budget.

The long awaited winter has set in Winterfell. The armies are marching. It remains to be seen who strikes the first blow and who survives to claim the final victory.

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