GoFundMe hires Musa Tariq as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

British-born Musa Tariq has been given the responsibilities of CMO at GoFundMe. Do we know Musa Tariq? Most of us don’t, including me. Then why am I writing about this? Well, as his name suggests, he is most likely to belong to the same cultural background as we do. But most importantly if you look at Musa’s profile, you will be shocked by the success of this gentleman. His hiring at GoFundMe is just the tip of the iceberg, his achievements are far greater.

As a marketer, the biggest you can dream of is the opportunity to work for the world’s biggest brands. This dream is already a reality for Musa Tariq. He has worked with the biggest brands the world has ever seen. He served as Global Marketing & Communication Director for Retail at Apple, Senior Director Community and Social Media at Nike, and Chief Brand Officer at Ford Motor Company.

Musa Tariq becomes CMO at GoFundMe

Musa started his career as a marketer while working for various advertising agencies. He has the honor of working in leading positions in advertising agencies as big as J. Walter Thomson (JWT), and Saatchi & Saatchi.

“Do what you love in life” is the golden advice anyone can get. Musa must have got this advice at a very young age. He is doing what he loves doing, ‘Marketing’. His new position at GoFundMe will surely bring out the best in him. He is the most sought-after professional in global marketing circles.

GoFundMe is a fundraising platform founded in 2010. But unlike conventional charity or fundraising organizations, it has a huge scope. The organization aims at making a change not only in the lives of the individuals but also impacting organizations and institutions at large. GoFundMe is the one-of-its-kind organization in terms of operation and scope of work. The nature of marketing require at this level may not be the same as compared to conventional brands no matter big or small. Musa Tariq is probably the best choice for this job because he only does what he loves doing. That’s the secret of his success.

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