Golootlo and McDonald’s discount offer: who loots who

Hania Amir, who recently launched herself as a singer, is currently playing the role of a paying girlfriend for Mcdonald’s – Golootlo TV commercial. The reference here to Hani’s singing prowess is not without meaning. She can sing, one can argue, but what on earth stopped her from humming the tune of “I am loving it”.

The 30 seconder commercial is based on an insight God knows what. When two or more friends get together, not to mention girlfriend – boyfriend paradigm, there is always a contest to be the one who pays. Rich or not so rich, and no matter how empty your pockets are from inside out, you always want to get hold of the bill and pay. This is the norm, the culture, the tradition and a gesture of friendly love associated most appropriately with male chauvinistic ego.

Well, I am not here to discuss gender stereotypes. Is it Golootlo and Mcdonald’s who do? It is positively desirable for a society to give women the liberty to live an equally empowered life. There is no way you can achieve this end by switching the gender inclinations. The male talent opposite Hania looks unmistakably a girl showing her attitude and Hania plays the role of the ‘male’ who will do anything to appease her girlfriend.

The advert could have been a hit, had they used Hania in the other role. The youth could have related to the story. It could have made sense. Watching the ad, though it is pretty obvious, one wonders what it is really about.

Download Golootlo app to avail discounts at McDonald's

All they want to tell us is the discount offer. You have to download Golootlo App to get the discounts. Just scan the QR code to avail the offer. Spicy McCrispy Burger with regular drink is just for Rs 295, not only this you get a free regular shake if you buy one.

If you watch this with a critical eye you will feel that the commercial is produced in a hurry. The concept could have come out more convincingly had they deliberated it a little deeper. The ad could have explored the connotations of “go loot lo” rather than making the punchline “I am loving it” seem soggy.