Gradient App: It’s time to find your celebrity lookalike


To be human is to achieve the highest level of consciousness. Man even at the lowest ebb of consciousness still persists to be called a greater rather the ‘chosen’ species on the planet. It requires a laboriously conscious effort to understand what this intangible phenomenon is all about and where it comes from in the first place. It starts with a simple question, who am I? After the success of FaceApp, Gradient App is another photo editor app that takes the question “who am I?” to the next level.

Who I want to be or which celebrity I might resemble is a million dollar quest. Every ordinary man has always lofty dreams and mammoth idols and the only desire is to be like one. Gradient App has made things easier for all of us. Now we can sift through thousands of celebrity faces on the globe to find a match without much effort.

Mark Zuckerberg via Gradient App

Developed recently, Gradient App is a paid application but despite the fact it is gaining popularity around the world. Whenever such application comes out, social media is always the first platform that goes crazy. The fad has not hit Pakistanis yet but it will very soon if it becomes free for users.

You may not ‘ever’ look like a famous celebrity but Gradient never lets this eventuality come in your way. Follow four easy steps and Gradient App will do the rest. It will transform your picture into a celebrity photo in just three frames. That’s the reason why the app is called Gradient.

Gradient App it seems has got a clue of who you are and what you want to be or how it feels like to be somebody famous. Why we always want to be famous, to get the attention, to feel important? Why appearance is more valued than substance?

Gradient App is developed by ‘Ticket To The Moon’ which is the first and the only app developed by them. Within a few weeks millions of downloads were recorded on Google Play Store alone. To some it’s fun, to others it is outright hilarious and to a very few it is about human psychology that leads to the purest of philosophical questions. It prods the mind to make sense of existence and torments the soul for the answers it does not have.