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GroupM Pakistan promotes Amna Khatib to Chief Digital Officer

Women empowerment is more of an educational matter than a social one. Equal opportunities for women can only be created when they are given equal education with men. To cut the long debate short, women can take big responsibilities at the highest level when given the right education and exposure. The promotion of Amna Khatib as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) by GroupM is one recent example.

Profit magazine by Pakistan Today first broke the news a couple of days ago. The magazine is one of the leading publications covering marketing, advertising, business, commerce, and other related topics. According to Profit, Amna has become only the second female to reach C-suite at GroupM in Pakistan. Kiran Khan Ali, the first female at C-suite, is the Chief Strategy Officer at GroupM’s Media Investment Firm.

With the exposure to international media, growing literacy rate, and mass awareness about gender equality, the importance of education for girls is now being acknowledged in rural and suburban areas. Within the last decade or so, we have seen women accomplishing great things in almost every walk of life. A few days ago, Benish Irshad and Fatima Hyder were also promoted at Starcom and Z2C Limited respectively.

GroupM promotes Amna Khatib

GroupM is one of the biggest media buying houses in Pakistan. It is also one of the leading media investment companies in the world. Earning a place at the top hierarchy of a company as big as GroupM is certainly a noteworthy accomplishment for Amna Khatib.

Digital marketing is a much talked about subject, but there are serious issues when it comes to in-depth understanding and effective employment of strategies. Amna is credited with launching digital practice for GroupM in Pakistan. It was her efforts that transformed the company into the country’s leading digital solution. She not only built a team but also worked on capacity building, and at the same time labored for business acquisition.

As they say; when the going gets tough, the tough get going, the difficult and challenging days of Coronavirus allowed only the fittest, more vigorous to survive in the crumbling world economies. Amna hit the nail on the head by convincing advertisers to rely on e-commerce and digital marketing to see off the COVID phase. Her success at making such transitions got her the promotion she deserved. In her new position at GroupM Amna will be handing projects related to e-commerce, retail connect, and data.