Haier Air Conditioners are the force of innovation

When it comes to Haier Home Appliances, you need to be well-informed about the latest updates on innovations and upcoming technologies. This summer season Haier Air Conditioners will change the dynamics of the air conditioners market forever. The brand philosophy of Haier is to create a sustainable future for everyone by producing products that are inspired by nature. Today the world is facing greater environmental challenges and the daunting energy crisis. The question is, where do we turn to? We turn to nature for inspiration!

The summer season has set in, so air Conditioner is the hot selling product in the market right now. What does nature and Haier Air Conditioners have in common? Both are the forces of innovation. As nature evolves and refines itself, so do Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioners. Haier has recently launched RFP Series Air Conditioners. R stands for Relaxation, F stands for Freedom, and P stands for Power. Our idea of producing an AC is not just developing a machine that provides cooling but a product that could add value to the health and lifestyle of the consumer.

Haier Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan

Back in 2019 Haier introduced the feature of Self Clean to not only improve the performance of the AC but also to create convenience. In 2020, the company launched a new Inverter Series called the Puri Inverters. This Series was equipped with IFD filters and sensors that detected the air quality in the room and purified it accordingly. Haier has been ranked as Global Number One Major Appliances Brand for the last 16 consecutive years. Haier is also Global No. 1 air conditioner brand.

Haier’s market rattling show-stopper Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner is coming out in a few weeks. The new Solar Hybrid AC will function directly on Solar input. There is no need for intermediary solar equipment like solar inverters, controllers or batteries. The wires from the solar panels could be directly attached to this AC for convenient and efficient use. The AC could also be used on grid power at night or under cloudy weather conditions.

Apart from the heavyweight Haier Air Conditioners, Haier Pakistan’s other recent initiatives include Haier Smart Cooking Show on HUM Masala TV and Blessed Sale campaign for Ramadan. This Ramadan campaign offers up to 25% off on all Haier Home Appliances. Haier also offers fast and professional free AC installation and 10-year compressor warranty on all varieties of air conditioners.

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