Haier Smart LED TV Offer and the next generation of smartness


There are brands in home appliances industry that talk about innovation and smart technologies to market their products, Haier Pakistan is miles ahead from the competition when it comes to embracing the technologies of the future. Haier Smart LED TV, on a closer look, is unlike any other in the local market. Literally, it takes a while to understand and grasp the full extent of the features and possibilities one can have with this seemingly simple machine.

For those who value quality and are willing to transform the way they live, there is an exciting proposition. Haier Pakistan is offering free Netflix Subscription to 100 customers of Haier Smart LED TV. The bargain is irresistible but one has to be quick enough to avail the offer while it lasts.

Haier Smart LED TV offers free Netflix subscription.

Haier Smart LED TV is equipped with Android 9.0 Pie, Bluetooth Remote and Remote App, One Touch YouTube & Netflix, 4K HDR and above all IoT (Internet of Things) System. With the unique IoT feature, Haier Smart LED TV enters a different league altogether. It ceases to be a TV and becomes your home assistant. If you have other Haier IoT appliances you will be able not only to monitor but also control and command them from any room any time.

The highly competitive world of today calls for a system that could help us cope with our day to day challenges. Home is one place that is all about comfort, convenience and ease. Haier Smart LED TV is part of Haier’s Smart Home concept which is developed with the user at its core. User experience is the major differentiating factor for any brand.

As they say “home is where your heart is”, the heart of modern day home is smart and intelligent appliances. Only a few years ago the word Smart was used to mean an appliance that could compute tasks via the internet. Today smart appliances are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) while performing incredible feats through another ground breaking technology we call IoT. Technology is developing so fast that even words are finding it hard to catch up.

Being a top brand in China, Haier is also number one in home appliances in Pakistan. This statement needs a substantial proof, but if you have any Haier product at home you will know.