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Why Hamza Ali Abbasi openly calls himself an ISI Agent?


Every Pakistani trusts, supports and loves each and every security institution of the country. There are no second opinions on that. But it is neither a gauge nor a prerequisite to project oneself as more patriotic than others. Hamza Ali Abbasi in his recent statement has admitted, in response to some allegations from across the border, that he is in fact an ISI agent.

It all started with Arnab Goswami, an Indian TV host, who accused Hamza for being an undercover ISI agent; and Hamza responded with aggression and hostility by saying “Let me clarify, I am not an “undercover” ISI agent, I am very openly/proudly an ISI agent, just like more than 200 million Pakistanis are proud ISI agents!”

Being patriotic and supportive of Army and other security institutions like ISI is natural. On the contrary we are not supposed to do their job or pretend to fill in their shoes. Intelligence is an extremely sensitive and highly professional field. It is surprising that Hamza Ali Abbasi, who looks mature, is entangling himself with a sensitive national institution for self-projection or false pride.

Hamza Ali Abbasi calls himself an ISI agent.

The basic protocol for military organizations especially intelligence agencies is to avoid public limelight and stick to their professional duties. Hamza Ali Abbasi should know that his irresponsible statements can do more harm than good to our own institutions. Hamza does not need to justify or clarify his position, whatever it is, to the meaningless jabbering of the pointless Indian media.

Hamza is an actor and that’s what he is best at. The true measure of any Pakistani’s patriotism is the amount of sincerity and devotion he puts into his/her profession. Have you ever wondered why Pakistan Army is one of the best institutions of Pakistan? Just because they maintain discipline and stick to their duty as the guardians of the state territory.

The recent controversy of Priyanka Chopra, UN Goodwill Ambassador, supporting the Indian army was also condemned. True artists are ambassadors of love and peace. They cannot be confined to the boundaries of nations or nationalities, cultures or creeds. We all love and respect Hamza Ali Abbasi as an actor. We need him on the showbiz front producing quality entertainment.

It is time to look at things a little differently. Let’s not play into the hand of Indian media or the Indian hardliners who want hostility and hatred to creep into the region. We are a peace loving country. Our military institutions are for deterrence only. We don’t want to escalate tensions between the two countries. It requires bravery to fight a war, but the heart of a lion to talk peace. Let’s talk peace and show our neighbors and the world that we are more civilized and mature than our neighbors.