Has Ali Sethi done justice to Faiz’s Dil Ki Khair?


Is it is possible to sing Faiz Ahmed Faiz without being intellectually aligned with his thoughts and ideas as a thinker? In most cases, yes but not in the case of Ali Sethi. The rendition of Faiz’s Dil Ki Khair by Ali Sethi is more than just a music video. If you watch his other music videos you will always find a sense of purpose and meaning in whatever he sings or shows on screen.

The video starts with Ali Sethi looking at himself in the mirror. His dressing surprises a little but as he joins the party things start to fall into place. The party reflects the mood and sensibilities of the 1970s and so does Ali’s attire. In such a setting Faiz’s poetry becomes more relevant and meaningful.

1970s was the time when Pakistan had a thriving society. People had the freedom to dress, freedom to dance, freedom to sing and, comparatively, the society was open to new ideas and thoughts. Ali Sethi’s video implies or symbolizes that openness and freedom that once existed in our society.

Since the 1980s our socio-cultural values have been eroding. In that decade political and social repression was at its peak. Film, music and other performing arts suffered the most. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was one of those thinkers who revolted against intellectual decadence. His poetry is poetry of ideas with overtones of revolt and revolution. Pakistan is still struggling to dispel the dark shadows once cast on the psyche of its people.  

Ali Sethi turns Faiz's ghazal into a soothing melody.

Sometimes Faiz can be deceptively romantic. All ghazals by default are love poetry but Faiz like other great Urdu poets has much deeper thoughts to tackle. Dil Ki Khair sounds like a warning that things might reach a point where change is inevitable for good or worse. There comes a time when no one can resist the force of change.

On a lighter note, the song is melodic and feels good. Ali Sethi gives a great performance both with vocals and on screen. Directed by Hira Nabi the video is doing the rounds on social media and getting positive feedback. The Tune was composed by Ali Sethi while the music was arranged by Ali Sethi and Noah Georgeson.


Kab tak dil ki khair manaayein

Kab tak rah dikhlaaogey

Kab tak chayn ki mohlat dogey

Kab tak yaad na aaogey

And-e-wafaa ya tark-e-mohabbat

Jo chaaho so aap karo

Apne buss ki baat hee kya hai

Humse kya manwaaogey

Beeta deed umeed ka mausam

Khaak udti hai aankhon mein

Kab bhejogey dard ka baadal

Kab barkha barsaaogey

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