Honda City 2021: the long wait is finally over

We have waited too long for the latest Honda City model that the exercise of waiting became meaningless. As Honda Atlas Cars skipped one model after another people grew least interested in the futile question “when is the new City model coming out?”. In 2018 I got some inside information that the all-new City will finally be launched in 2019, but that 2019 never came. The news of the launch of Honda City 2021 resembles the famous ‘The boy who cried wolf’ story. Nobody believed it initially. It did not surprise anyone at all.

One of the reasons why the New City seems less new than it actually is is not because of its shape but rather the minute changes of the past that attempted to make the car look different while keeping its overall appearance the same. These nuisances may not be of any consequence for those who want to buy Honda City 2021.

What might concern the serious buyer is the price tag which could become a major repellent for every potential customer. For the last few decades, Honda City has been the most popular sedan in the country. It successfully combined economy with performance with a touch of class. It has not only been a budget car but also the best vehicle to move in the city when it comes to fuel mileage.

Honda City 2021 launched in Pakistan.

One of the primary goals of industries is to produce cost-effective products to encourage consumerism. An unimaginable price hike is a double-edged sword. It cuts both ways. It’s not the consumer that faces the blade, it is the industry that gets bogged down by the halted wheel of progress.

Flawed and thoughtless policies have stunned the growth of the industry in Pakistan. The investors are not interested in setting up new factories rather they invest in the most unproductive business there is; real estate. Real estate investments are extremely profitable for the investors, but this industry neither contribute to the GDP of the country nor does it generate large scale employment.

Coming back to Honda City 2021, the car overall has evolved for the better. Honda has added numerous features that were exclusively available in other Honda models. The car has been raised in standard to stay in the game. New Sedan models like Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Elantra, and others have already up the ante. The growing competition has not been able to put a full stop to the inflating prices. City 1.2L manual price is Rs. 2,599,000, 1.2L CVT is Rs. 2,799,000, 1.5L CVT is Rs. 2.,899,000, City Aspire 1.5L MT is Rs. 3,019,000, and Aspire 1.5L CVT is Rs. 3,174,000. With these price tags, it remains to be seen how the all-new Honda City 2021 performs in the market. If the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer then the vehicle is all set to give a good performance in the market.