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Hunza Steel likely to flop despite strong campaign

What is Hunza? Who is Hunza Group? How can we know about Hunza Steel since there is no digital footprint except for the emotionally charged soliloquy which tells us more about Shan Shahid’s bonding with his father than the brand itself. A corporate image building campaign for a brand that has never been introduced before could seriously backfire.  

The website of Hunza Group does not tell you much. There is no ‘about us’ section. On the landing page there is hardly two paragraphs that spill the beans on the workings of the group and what they produce. There is one factual information about the commencement of the group. It started in 2002. That’s some consolation for information hungry minds. Upon persistent searching I finally found Hunza Steel Facebook page. Here I found the link I was looking for, the website. But it won’t open. ‘Secure connection failed’ the page says.

Why I decided to write on Hunza Steel was its compelling TVC featuring Shan. Since I first saw it, I kept thinking what to make of it. The idea is so strong, so convincing and so very well knitted that it hardly leaves any point of discussion. You watch the film and you are spell bound.

It is not just the art of film-making only that makes this TVC great. It’s the story. A story we all share. It reminds us how our fathers in their time stood firm against all odds to provide for our family.  How he toiled day and night to ensure a roof on our heads. Amreli Steel has also worked on similar lines. ‘Aap Ki Tarha Solid’ was also one of the best campaigns ever produced by the steel industry. Then there is Mughal Steel that should also come with a big strong idea.

Shan in Hunza Steel campaign

When you create a communication as strong as this, people notice. They wonder who you are. They search for you on the internet. That’s where things go wrong for Hunza Steel. The brand collapses when you look at its digital presence. As a I mentioned above, there is no operational website. Social media pages won’t show on the search results and you have to meticulously scroll down to find them.

This indicates that they were in a hurry to make a TVC. They were not interested in building a brand. Hunza Steel, in my opinion, don’t deserve the TVC they now have. Too good for them. Their brand image is too small and far behind. Making a good TVC and creating a perception is one thing and to live up to that perception in the minds of the customer is entirely another. Hunza needs to do a lot of home work.