Idealism ends the realistic portrayal of Game of Thrones


What’s the worst part of a story; idealism. ‘Everybody lives happily ever after’ is the ending even kids don’t like anymore. Game of Thrones (GOT) had reasons to be popular and loved by a vast majority of viewers. It was brutally realistic, despite having supernatural and fantastic plot threads.

There were varied themes interwoven with the plot. What happens in the end? Tyrion, a prisoner, declares that all kings will be elected from now on and everyone accepts the idea like good kids. Bran Stark is happily elected as king. He rules wisely. The final episode looked more like a stage play than a TV show. There was no room for characters to react to internal and external developments that were quickly happening.  

Idealism breaks the spirit of Game of Throes

After having ruined Season 8 with jumps in the storyline and bumps in characterization, the Game of Thrones team has butchered all expectations of the fans by failing to create an impact in the final episode.

There could be many endings and countless ways in which the story could conclude but how could it all end so abruptly. Daenerys Targaryen was killed like a pawn. A drama needs conflict. Usually it is the clash of characters. Often it is the collision of unfavorable circumstances. But sometimes it is the conflict within a character. The conflict within Jon Snow could have been the backbone of the story towards the end. To kill the queen or not to kill that must have been the question. The final seen were short of 4 or 5 more episodes to make it more reasonable.  

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss should have relied on George R. R. Martin and given him more time to create a better script. The script and screenplay were the weakest if we compare it with the previous 7 seasons. Fans all over the world are devastated, not by what happened in the show but how poorly the story is handled in the end.

The point of a TV series is to show a story in all its details as well as to observe the psychological relationship of a character with regard to the plot. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss did exactly that in 7 seasons. What happened in the all-important 8th? The creators of GOT will have to do a lot of explaining to their fans. There is also an online petition saying that the 8th season should be remade to which a million fans have already signed.

It is quite unfortunate for an epic series to end this way. The prequel of GOT is also being planned but it would be hard to conquer a throne at the heart of GOT fans.