Point of View

If we love humanity, why hate Irfan Junejo?


For the lovers of humanity, is hatred an option? What‘s it like to talk about humanity and being a hateful individual at the core of your heart? Humanity is an idea that is above patriotism and beyond the prejudice of cast or creed, religion or culture. It does not vouch for violence, animosity, conflict and above all killing of innocent people.

We are supporting the people of Kashmir principally, politically and on top of everything our support is also on a humanitarian level. Rising to such heights, how could we stoop so low to malign, ridicule, abuse and embarrass someone like Irfan Junejo. Who is Irfan Junejo? Pardon me for my ignorance, I was not aware of his fame as a vlogger.

The current controversy about Irfan has gone out of proportions. Ironically, the people who are talking about justice and freedom for the Kashmiri people are not willing to dispense the same for their fellow Pakistanis. Irfan Junejo is a case in point.

Irfan Junejo is under heavy social media attention for not making a video on Kashmir.

Before I could write about the issue I searched Irfan and saw the video that created the controversy. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with what he said. His point of talking through a video was to clarify why he did not make a video on the current Kashmir crisis. Irfan clearly said that he made it a policy for his channel not to make videos with religious or political content. But as a citizen of Pakistan and as a human being he feels the same as every Pakistani does for the Kashmir issue.

Majority of us criticize Indians for being narrow minded, extremely biased and self-centered. Why cannot we see that we look the same when we don’t allow our people the freedom to do what they want.

Who are we to judge the integrity of Irfan Junejo as a person? What moral code gives us the strength to use harsh and abuse language against him. He does what he thinks he should do. If we are patriotic and are willing to sacrifice our lives for the sake of the country, then why can’t we stop producing fake lifesaving drugs? Why our literacy rate is lower than India and Bangladesh? Why could we not build our water reservoirs? Why our economy is failing?

Social media is a funny platform. It can make or break people in a matter of hours. Irfan Junejo is severely knocked over by social media for not acting according to its wishes. One should not be a blind follower of social media trends; what one should be concerned about is the distinction between right and wrong, freedom and slavery and most importantly humanity and hatred.