Innovative Biscuits tells the tale of a princess looking for a prince


What is creativity? Is it something that comes out of nowhere, a kind of revelation? Well, most people think, that’s the way it is. When we cannot explain a phenomenon or don’t want to make an effort to know, we label it as something mystical or metaphysical.

A recent TVC by Innovative Biscuits featuring Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf is an attempt at producing a creative ad. Before discussing the TVC let’s revert back to our earlier question. What is a creative idea or what is creativity? To put it simply, a creative idea is a combination of 2 or more already existing ideas that come together to form a new one. This new idea then becomes raw material in the formation of other new ideas. This how creativity works in a progression.  

The TVC of Innovative Biscuits is a combination of two basic ideas. The first idea is to introduce Butter Crunch in the market highlighting the uniqueness of the product. Secondly, this idea is combined with the idea of a medieval fairytale styled royal court where a princess demands that she will marry the man who could bring butter and crunch together. As a result a new product comes to the fore.

Innovative biscuits introduces butter crunch biscuits.

The ad starts with a voice over explaining the situation. We see a few shots of different suitors trying to do the trick. After the a few failed attempts, there comes Bilal Ashraf who does the impossible possible. The product story jells in well with the concept and it ends with a happy ever after.

Innovative Biscuits has succeeded in producing an interesting and attention grabbing TVC. The concept is executed creatively by establishing the aura and setting of a medieval court. Though, overall, the TVC is good and executed well yet the question is, can the audience relate to this idea. Our audience can relate with the Mughal courts a lot better than with the medieval European. Maya Ali looks good in the role of a princess. Her last big commercial production was Bata’s ‘Star and comfortable with it’ TVC.

The movies of both Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf ‘Parey Hut Love’ and ‘Superstar’ are coming to the cinemas on Eidul Azha. Innovative Biscuits has done well to sign Maya for this TVC to get the mileage of her recent success as a star.

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