Interwood to renovate your home on monthly installments

Home is where the heart is. In today’s modern world, the heart yearns for beauty, sophistication with a touch of luxury and convenience at the same time. As they say, every problem has a solution. The problem of affordable luxury can certainly be solved if you know where to look. Interwood is one company that can turn your dream of a modern and exquisite looking home into a tangible reality.

As part of its marketing strategy, Interwood is offering financial plans to remold, reshape, and redesign your living space the way you always imagined. Financing will allow customers to redo their interior from the kitchen to the drawing-room and from the bedroom to the living rooms.

The company that is known for its quality furniture, ventured into the house-interior business years ago by opening up retail concept stores in different parts of the country. With decades of relentless brand-building efforts by the Farooq family, the business is now one of the most respected and trusted names not only in the furniture industry but also in the world of interior decoration. The sons of Malik Farooq, Omer Farooq, Ali Farooq, and daughter Madiha Jalal are running the family business successfully.

Interwood is offering financing plans to remodel your home.

The need to have a beautiful home was not there until recently. With the advent of the internet, making the world a global village, low-income households have now been exposed to all details and nuances of modern interior trends. The desire is there not only at the consumer end but also at the brand side that wants to reach larger audiences. The financing system could be a feasible way to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability.

On the Interwood website, the portal to apply for financing is live. The customer has to fill up a simple form with basic details to submit. The terms and conditions and financing details are not mentioned on the website. The customer will either have to call the company or visit one of their showrooms for complete details. Interwood is also finalizing a partnership with Meezan Bank to channelize its financing offer smoothly.

Having said all that, it remains to be seen how the customers react to such a scheme. It also depends on the brand, the way the offer is communicated to the customers. Interwood needs to come up with a creative campaign aiming to communicate the message to as many people as possible. An integrated digital and mainstream media strategy will be detrimental to the success of the financing plan.