Inverex teaser attempts to make it big on YouTube


Inverex has revealed a new campaign teaser having enough drama and suspense to engage the audience. There is a campaign within a campaign as Inverex uses the teaser ad to create a digital campaign on YouTube. Campaigns on YouTube are rare in Pakistan. It’s a good move by Inverex to utilize a digital platform other than Facebook. The description below the video asks the viewers to guess the suitable tagline for the teaser TVC and get a chance to win gift hampers.

Anything under the sun is ready to be boiled, roasted and burned to ashes. The summer temperatures in the country go up to 50 degree Celsius. The bane can be turned into a boon if you have a proper solar system installed at your home. This is the time when brands like Inverex can make it big.

The 10 second teaser has nothing much to reveal. It starts with the break in. The family is dumbfounded and the robbers get their weapons out. One of the robbers aims for a headshot. The teaser ends with a bang revealing the logo of Inverex.

Inverex has launched the teaser for its up coming creative campaign.

So far it looks alright. The teaser has the potential to be a good creative. Making a creative campaign is always a good marketing strategy but solar companies should go for tactical and functional campaigns to create the need in the minds of the consumers. To go solar is a difficult decision to make. It involves a heavy one-time investment. The challenge is to convince that the investment will be highly fruitful for the consumer as well as the country at large.

Solar is a renewable source of energy which is abundant in our part of the world. It is extremely important for companies to invest in this sector. The government should make policies to facilitate the industry. Solar energy is a sustainable solution for the energy crisis of Pakistan.