ISUZU D Max now in Pakistan exploring the funny side of things


It’s normal to get into casual conversations of how our economy is sinking into an abyss from where there is no point of return in sight. Inflation is at the all-time high and buying power of a majority of Pakistanis is weaker than ever. Despite the ongoing economic depression we have seen the launch of a number of automobiles in the last few months or so, ISUZU D Max is one of them.

In the SUV and SUT category the launch of Kia Sportage was the major highlight in the auto industry along with the smaller hatchback Picanto by the same brand. Last year the launch of much awaited Suzuki Alto replaced the most economic Suzuki Mehran. But there were also few setbacks to the industry as well. Renault pulled all its investment out of the country in May last year.

ISUZU D Max is not one of those vehicles that might attract the wider middle class segment of society. It should certainly target SEC A and A+. The launch campaign of ISUZU D Max is interesting, creative, entertaining and funny to say the least but it does not target its core market. The ad is for everyone and no one it seems. We are expected to see it only for entertainment alone.

Produced by Game Over Productions and directed by Faisal Qureshi the TVC brings together Mikaal Zulfiqar, Adeel Hashmi and Faisal. When these three team up you are in for something hilarious. ISUZU D Max TVC makes use of one of the commonest insights; the wife suspecting her husband. The ad though look at the funny side of things yet it sheds some light on the husband wife relationship.

ISUZU D Max TVC, funny and entertaining to the core.

Among husbands there is a perception that wives are usually unforgiving while the husbands always try to keep their wives happy. I am not trying to propagate chauvinism but most husbands will agree to the fact that girls after marriage become something uniquely different. Neither they look like women nor they become men, they morph into a fourth gender called wife.

The ad starts with Mikaal driving ISUZU D Max in the wild. He is shown driving the SUT through different terrains but suddenly he encounters a monstrous ape befitting the description of King Kong. The creature goes crazy as soon as it lays its eyes on D Max. It treats the vehicle in a manner as would a wife treat her husband, so is at least suggested. When Mikaal is getting all the beating in the truck his wife is doing the same with him on the phone. ISUZU D Max is too strong to be ruined by the mighty ape and that’s where all the humor comes from. The dialogues of the wife are interesting and the punchline in the end “your test will start when you get home” makes perfect sense.

Creative advertising is a tricky affair. The more creative you are the more likely it is to compromise the brand or its marketing message. ISUZU D Max TVC seems tilted towards the creative side although the whole idea of the strength of the vehicle could not have been more pronounced.