Izhar Monnoo Developers web series: a story we can relate with

Man is a creature of habits, associations with the ability to get attached to almost anything as time passes. The spread of Homo Sapiens over the entire planet is because of its ability to adapt to the surrounding environment. Consequently, cutting off the deep-rooted attachments and rigid habits becomes seemingly impossible. A mini web series by Izhar Monnoo Developers titled Zindagi Se Kuch Ziada is woven around our unfailing ability change.

The willingness to change and adapt has played a major role in human development. Zindagi Se Kuch Ziada is a first-of-its-kind initiative by Izhar Monnoo Developers in the real estate industry. Web series in Pakistan have yet to gain momentum. Brands are the first to utilize the web series potential. Summer Love by Teeli was a Cornetto venture. Most web series available online are either sponsored by a brand or completely developed by it.

The insight used by Izhar Monnoo Developers in the series is compelling. Leaving an old home for a new one is not an easy decision to make. The luxuries of the modern lifestyle become meaningless when confronted with memories soaked with powerful emotions. Nostalgia consumes everything in its way. The older you get the harder it becomes to overcome your emotional attachments.

Izhar Monnoo Developers web series for Dream Gardens.

The story of Zindagi Se Kuch Ziada starts with several problems that could arise in an old house; electricity wiring issue, plumbing problem, etc. The route taken by the creative team to highlight Dream Gardens is functional which could only have been emotional to create maximum impact on the audiences. Every issue can be fixed but one, and that is the environment. Kids learn everything from their surroundings. Giving children the best environment is most important in grooming them physically while honing their social skills.

Modern housing schemes offer a better lifestyle, especially for kids. Play areas, parks, and other social, educational, and communal opportunities are best suited to stimulate juvenile minds. Zindagi Se Kuch Ziada has shown one by one all the facilities offered by Izhar Monnoo Developers in Dream Gardens. The story seamlessly makes connections with each facility offered.

The web series will go a long way in bonding with the audience. People like stories, and the story told by Izhar Monnoo Developers is a story you don’t hear very often. What makes the series exciting is the flawless and natural acting of ‘Dada Ge’ played by Rasheed Ali. The script is good complemented by the good screenplay, production, and direction.

Following is the complete list of cast and crew.


Rasheed Ali as (Malik Arshad – Dada)

Saad azhar as (Waseem – Son of Malik Arshad)

Sheeba Butt as (Nazia – Wife of Malik Arshad)

Hina tariq as (Rabia – Wife of Waseem)

Arsham khan as (Ali – Son of Waseem)


Creative Agency: MCS

Director: Sabeeh Ahmad

Production: Big Film Entertainment

Excutive Producers: Nasir Khan & Rizwan Saeed

Associate Director: Ahmed waqas

Director of photography (DP): Asrad khan

Writer: Sufiyan Ghani

Assistant Directors: Mehroz Khan Mk & Naval Haider

Line Producer: Talha Siddiqui

Production Managers: Moon Sadiq & Umer Khalid Diwan

Makeup: Adnan Gill

Music: AQ Artisan Post: Jason Liao