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Jack of Digital teams up with TikTok for advertising in Pakistan

Where there is a will, there is a way. In marketing the saying goes where there is traffic, there is advertising. TikTok, primarily a platform for entertainment, is now a potential market for advertisers. After TikTok for Business officially in play, all markers and advertisers need to do is pounce on the opportunity. Jack of Digital has taken the initiative for the Pakistan advertising industry by becoming the official partner of TikTok in Pakistan.

When it comes to AdTech, Jack of Digital is one of the fastest-growing digital ad sales companies in Pakistan. Capitalizing on the power of data and technology digital marketing has become the most lucrative option for brands and businesses to move forward in the ecosystem.

Businesses will be able to use Jack of Digital in utilizing the full potential of TikTok’s advertising tools and products. Local payment solution is also one of the highlighting services that the company will provide to its clients.

CEO Jack of Digital Faisal Sheikh

According to Shant Oknayan GM for Global Business Solutions TikTok, the application is penetrating rapidly in Pakistan. The popularity of TikTok has increased as video sharing is now a fad among youth as well as people of different age groups. He said that Jack of Digital would be a great support for advertisers in fully realizing the potential of TikTok.

CEO Jack of Digital Faisal Sheikh said that TikTok was an amazing platform that offered tremendous value for advertisers in the country due to its rising popularity among the people. “As a result of this cooperation and partnership, advertisers in Pakistan will be able to approach new online advertising formats that no other platform is currently offering”, he said.

Partnering with TikTok is going to be a giant leap for Jack of Digital. The news has already created a buzz in the advertising and marketing circles of the country. Faisal Sheikh is renowned for digital, buying, planning and effectively employing the tools of AdTech in not only Pakistan but also in the markets of Myanmar, Bangladesh, and the UAE. In his leadership, Jack of Digital is expected to achieve great things in the days to come.