Jazz Super 4G TVC: a right campaign at the right time

There are pros and cons to everything. What could possibly be the pros of something that has jolted the whole world? The Coronavirus. The pros I am referring to here are not of the global pandemic but the times we live in. Imagine staying at home in a world without phones, internet or any other way of communication. Jazz Super 4G TVC has turned this insight into a creatively molded TVC.

Nobody prepares for a crisis when it comes as an accident. Our lifestyles have completely turned upside down in a matter of days. We are conducting our daily business as we were never accustomed to do. But the primordial human urge to stay close and feel the warmth of social and communal living cannot be stifled in the age of connectivity. Jazz Super 4G campaign has owned this era of connectivity and networking by showing how Jazz is there to make your lives complete even in the times of COVID-19.

Usually we don’t realize the importance of internet and mobile connectivity in the hustle and bustle of our daily routine. Interestingly, mobile connectivity is not part of our daily routine rather it is the routine.

Jazz Super 4G TVC is simple yet gripping and something each and every one of us can relate to. The juxtaposition of emptiness with fulfilled emotions of care, love and happiness makes this TVC heartwarming. Nobody is there where he/she was supposed to be but still there is no void despite the apparent desolation. The ad does not leave out any aspect of our daily life without being melodramatic.

Jazz Super 4G TVC, analysis by The5Ws.

Formation of ideas, no matter how powerful, unique or fanciful, follow a scientific method that concerns with thesis, antithesis and then synthesis. If put simply, two different ideas come together to create a new idea. If ‘staying at home’ amid COVID-19 is a thesis and ‘social networking’ through mobile connectivity is the antithesis then the idea put forth by Jazz Super 4G in its TVC is the synthesis. An idea that resulted from the conflict of two already existing ideas.

This way of thinking and idea formulation lead to logical and understandable concepts. The recent Surf Excel campaign has shown how thinking the wrong way can lead to utterly disastrous outcomes. Jazz Super 4G TVC says a lot about the brand on many levels and how it cares about the people.

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