Jolta Electric Bike: Buy now before it is too late!

A few months back a friend of mine bought a Jolta Electric Bike. It was a brand new Jolta JE 70D but none of us friends appreciated the achievement he had accomplished. The bike cost him 82 thousand something (invoice price). I argued that it was a heavy price to pay for a vehicle with no engine and almost no mechanical parts. I was wrong.

In the wake of the jumping petroleum prices, I decided to buy the same Jolta Electric Bike my friend had purchased. I googled Jolta, got the dealer’s number, and ringed. The phone was busy. I called again but could not get through once again. Bad omen I thought, and later it turned out to be so. When finally my call got through a very somber voice greeted me. Straightaway I asked about the price and availability of Jolta JE 70D. His reply was not encouraging as far as my hopes were concerned. The price hiked to around 90 thousand and the availability was not instant. There was a minimum of 1 and half months’ delivery time after booking.

PM Imran Khan inspecting Jolta Electric bike.

The unprecedented petrol price hike has jolted the nation. Every individual is looking for alternatives that are hardly there. Local transport is non-existent and cycling is not an option for long distances. Electric vehicles have become an option that is hard to ignore in the current scenario. The increasing demand has also hiked EV prices.

Jolta Electric Bike has the same shape as an ordinary motorbike. It is easier to drive and handle than scooty-shaped EVs. Jolta Electric Bike comes in five variants, JE-70D, JE-70L, JE-125L, JE-Scooty, and JE-Sports Bike. Jolta website has much to show. It displays all five variants along with specification details but practically a couple of bikes are there for the customers to try.

The 125 variant is all set to come out next year in February/March while the lithium battery variants will be available at some future date as well. That could be one of the reasons why JE 70D has gone out of stock. The future of automobiles is electric. The dream of driving a Tesla may seem too far but the idea of driving electric vehicles is becoming a reality in our country. On an international stage and from the global perspective EVs are indispensable for the environment. For us, EV is just another way to save a few bucks.